Media Make-up

Media Make-up

Make-up has the power to put you in the mood for whatever lies ahead. It can make you more the person you want to be, and help you feel more at ease or pleased with yourself before launching into the fracas or fun to come. If you are happy with your makeup, you can forget about it and simply get on with life and the pleasure of being you.

We are often afraid of changing our lipstick or eye shadow color but to do so is a way of followings fashion as it evolves. Sometimes a new approach can create the most successful results.

Our Services

  • High Definition Make Up
  • Beauty Make Up
  • Character Make Up
  • Fashion Make Up
  • Old Age Make Up
  • Air Brush Make Up
  • Portfolio
  • Work Folio
  • Hair Styling

Highlighted Facilities

  • Ample Car parking facilities
  • Perfect ambiance with air-condition
  • Classy customer lounge
  • Satellite music, digital TV & style magazines for entertainment and relaxing
  • Private cabins and common grooming area
  • Separate allocation for beauty treatments
  • All most modern furniture, styling equipments
  • International branded creams and tonics
  • Efficient and well trained uniformed staff

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